Aluminium Oil/Petrochemical Power/Incineration Cement/Mineral Glass/Ceramics Ferrous/Non-Ferrous

Product Name Description

Rapid turn round products

  • On Line products can be cast, gunned or rammed .
  • They can be commissioned immediately .
  • Suitable for precast or insitu installation.


Product Name Description

Phosphate bonded castables

  • Excelerate products are single component phosphate bonded castables.
  • They can be cast, rammed or gunned.
  • They will bond effectively to exsisting refractory surfaces.


Product Name Description

Gunned plastics

  • Greengun products are gunnable plastics.
  • They are used where plastic propertires are required but with a high installation rate.
  • They are installed with specialist gunning equipment which is available for rental.


Product Name Description

Next generation phosphate bonded plastics

  • Plastech products represent the next generation of plastic refractories.
  • Plastech products are easy to install with a shelf life of 12 months.

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