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Harbison Walker Refractories Ltd UK changed its name in 2008 to ANH REFRACTORIES EUROPE LTD. ANH combines the names of three historic companies A = A P Green Refractories, N = North American Refractories (NARCO) & H = Harbison Walker Refractories. Although the name has changed the products retain the same high quality as they have always been.

Our Engineering Support Department is always available for advice on material selection, installation procedures and mixing and using instructions.

With regard to manufacturing the recently modernised plant at Bromborough is capable of producing the full range of monolithic refractories - insulating castables, dense castables, gun mixes, low cement castables, plastics and mortars - under the well-known A.P. Green and Harbison-Walker brands. We also have a dedicated in-house facility for pre-casting refractory shapes, including FRCC shapes (Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Composites). We also supply & install ENCOAT High Emissivity Energy Saving Coatings for Brick Castable & Ceramic Fibre linings.

The organisation is accredited to ISO 9001:2000 standard by CICS - the Ceramic Industry Certification Scheme - with the customer base representing the broad range of heat using-industries.

For product information, please contact our UK office or alternatively visit our US website www.anhrefractories.com

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