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ANH Refractories Europe is a manufacturer of specialised products for lining Secondary Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnaces and Primary Aluminium Anode Baking and Electrolytic Pot Cells.

We have products suitable for a variety of applications or furnace environments and can provide a refractory solution specific to your requirements.

We have many years experience and our products and solutions can help you to extend furnace lifetime, with minimal maintenance, time and cost.

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Solutions for Refractory Problems:

Secondary Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnaces

Ramp & Hearth Metal contact, high salt or alkali fluxing
Heavy charging and corrosion
High chlorine and acid fluxing
Sill & Ramp Abusive cleaning / dross removal
Dross removal
Thermal shock
Upper Side Walls Non metal contact
High salt and alkali fluxing
Abusive cleaning
Roof High temperature stressing
Abusive cleaning
Door Jambs / Lintels Mechanical damage
Abusive cleaning
Thermal shock
Repair & Maintenance Rapid fire / rapid cure products
Hot repair


Select Product by Application

Application Product
Aluminium Contact
Lower Sidewall
Charge Well
Pump Well
Versaflow 65/AL C Adtech
Armorkast 65AL
Armorkast 80AL Adtech
Versaflow 65/AL Plus
Ultra Green 80 AL

Application Product
Belly Band Armorkast Xpur/AL Adtech
Ultra-Express 70 AL

Application Product
Upper Sidewall & Roof Versaflow 55/AR Adtech
Versaflow 60 Plus
Mizzou Castable

Application Product
Doors & Flue Kast-O-Lite 30 LI
Kast-O-Lite 25

Application Product
Jambs & Lintels
Versaflow 55/AR Adtech and C Plus
Versaflow 60 Plus
(Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Composite)

Application Product
Versaflow 65/AL C Adtech
(Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Composite)

Application Product
Burner Greenpak 85P
Greencast 94

Application Product
Safety Lining
Lower Sidewall Backup
Versaflow 45/AL Adtech
Greenlite-45-L AL
H-W ES Castable C AL

Application Product
Repair / Maintenance On-Line 65AL
Excelerate 65/AL Castable
Grefcote 70 AL Plus
Versagun 70/AL Adtech

Primary Aluminium

Anode Baking and Electrolytic Pot Cells.

Several products have been tested and approved by SINTEF Materials Technology / Alilabs and Hydro Aluminium.

Sairset Mortar – For brick jointing

KS4 – Collector bar seals


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